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Why you need Minéral 89 face moisturizer?

Why you need Minéral 89 face moisturizer?
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Whatever your age or skin type, Vichy’s Minéral 89 is a great addition to your daily skincare routine. Read up on why you should be making room in your bathroom cabinet for Vichy’s first ultra-hydrating skin booster.

What is Minéral 89?

The first skin booster from Vichy

Your skin’s daily dose of freshness, Minéral 89 is the first skin booster imagined by Vichy’s Laboratories. Intended to give skin an extra dose of much-needed hydration as a first line of defence against external damage, Minéral 89 is rich in moisturizing ingredients including glycerin, hyaluronic acid and Vichy’s mineral-rich Mineralizing Water to reinforce, regenerate and protect skin on a daily basis. Its lightweight, fresh texture and powerful hydrating abilities make Minéral 89 an ideal moisturizer for dry skin - regardless of your age. A clinical study following 52 women ages between 26 and 62 found that 85% noted more hydrated skin immediately after use, while 79% reported plumper, fresher-feeling skin.[1]

[1] Clinical study carried out on 52 Chinese women ages 26-62, all with sensitive skin.


  • Formulated with 89% of Vichy Mineralizing Water containing 5.2g of minerals per litre
  • More hydrated skin immediately after use: 85%
  • More supple skin under and around the eye contour after 28 days : 88%

An innovative product

Let’s begin by taking a look at Minéral 89’s formulation - the result of over 100 in-depth pharmaceutical tests! Minéral 89 gets its name from the incredibly high percentage of Vichy Mineralizing Water responsible for its makeup - 89%, to be precise, compared with around 20% for most Vichy products. The reason for this? Vichy’s Mineralizing Water is incredibly potent, with over 5.2g of minerals per litre - making it extremely difficult to formulate.

Scientifically proven results

Over a year of clinical trials resulted in Vichy’s scientists finally hitting on the perfect texture - a fresh, lightweight serum that’s instantly absorbed by skin. All this with an impressively short ingredients list, for an incredibly effective, high-tolerance product adapted for sensitive skin. Minéral 89’s unique combination of intensely moisturizing ingredients make it perfect for daily use, ensuring your skin stays hydrated when faced with daily aggressions (UV damage, pollution, fatigue).

Where does Minéral 89 fit in your skincare routine?

Minéral 89’s lightweight, gel-like texture makes it a great starting point when approaching your daily skincare routine. After cleansing skin first thing, apply on the tips of your (clean fingers) or in the palm of your hands before gently patting onto the face for an instant moisture boost. What’s more, Minéral 89’s delicate formulation means it’s perfectly safe for use around the delicate eye area: 88% of participants noted more supple skin under and around the eye contour after 28 days of continued use.

As well as complementing your existing skincare regimen, Minéral 89 is a great solution if you’re looking to offer your skin some extra protection when temperatures begin to rise. Apply to skin before following up with your usual SPF to avoid that cracked, thirsty feeling when it’s warmer out, or layer under a richer day cream to protect skin from the winter cold.

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