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What’s with Fall? The season when trees shed their leaves, and humans lose more hair

Seasonal hair loss is problematic for many of us. Why do we tend to shed more hair during October and November than in any other month of the year?

What’s with Fall? The season when trees shed their leaves, and humans lose more hair

A typical strand of hair has a normal growth period of between 2 and 6 years, before it enters a resting phases known as telogen, at which point it can fall out. Around 10 per cent of head hairs have reached this stage, but most research suggests that the telogen rate rises slightly in women during July. The affected hairs fall out around 100 days later, in mid October or November.
Studies published in the Journal of Dermatology suggest that stress brought on by summer sun and UV may provide some explanation for this pattern.

If increased hair loss during fall is a source of distress, here are 5 tips for keeping beautiful hair regardless of the season:

Avoid pulling. Brush more often and more gently – never on wet hair, which is more elastic. Go for loose hairstyles rather than complicated ones that tug at the roots.

2. Iron intake. Many women who are deficient in iron show higher rates of hair loss. Good sources of iron include oily fish, egg yolks and leafy vegetables such as spinach.

3. Improve your overall nutritional intake: the Trichological Society point out that the follicle receives its nutrients from blood, and recommend a diet containing omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamin B12, A and C, in addition to iron, to prevent a dry scalp and dull, thinning hair.

4. Install a showerhead water filter. Chemicals and hard water in mains supply water can have a drying effect on skin and on the scalp. Repeated scratching of itchy scalps can then permanently scar hair follicles.

5. Use a very gentle shampoo and conditioner and cosmetics treatments. Vichy’s new Aminexil Clinical 5 has been developed with dermatologists to reinforce hair from the root, enhance microcirculation, and balance the scalp.

Test our suggestions and beat the rainy fall season !

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