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What are the best products for dry skin?

What are the best products for dry skin?
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Suffering from dry skin? These moisturizing ingredients could be the solution for a healthy, hydrated complexion! We look at the best skincare products for symptoms of dry skin, including dullness, flakiness and tightness.

How do you moisturize dry skin?

Lack of moisture leads to skin feeling flaky and rough to the touch, as well as a tired- or dull-looking complexion. Factors that can influence skin hydration are varied, ranging from age to environment to UV damage, so it’s crucial to make sure skin’s moisture levels are topped up regardless of your background or skin type. When choosing moisturizers for dry skin, opting for products enriched with hydrating ingredients such as glycerin will help reinforce skin’s ability to hold water, while SPF can work to prevent dehydration.

What is the best skincare routine for dry skin?

Dry skin should avoid gel-based cleansers featuring astringents such as witch hazel and fruit acids, as these can dry skin out even more. Start your day with a gentle micellar water to remove any sebum produced during the night, before thoroughly cleansing skin with a hydrating milky cleanser. Prepping skin with a hydrating serum, such as Vichy’s Minéral 89, will help lock in moisture. Follow with a day cream enriched with Vichy’s Mineralizing Water to help strengthen dehydrated skin. If you’re out and about or even just sitting at your desk, a hydrating mist is great for topping up skin’s hydration levels throughout the day.

What are the best ingredients for dry skin?

Hyaluronic acid: skincare’s star ingredient

So, what’s the best moisturizer for dry skin? When looking for products to boost skin hydration, opt for ingredients that help maximise skin’s natural moisturising capabilities, such as hyaluronic acid. A skincare favorite, this incredibly effective molecule boasts impressive hygroscopic properties, allowing HA to attract and hold water molecules from the surrounding environment.
The statistics are impressive: hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water - explaining its reputation as one of the skincare world’s favorite moisturizing ingredients.

Vichy Mineralizing Water is rich in
15key minerals

What are the best products for dry skin?

Hyaluronic acid + Vichy Mineralizing Water = Minéral 89

As part of Minéral 89’s intensely hydrating formulation, hyaluronic acid works alongside Vichy’s famous Mineralizing Water to maximise water retention and reinforce the skin. While HA helps prevent transepidermal water loss, Vichy Mineralizing Water is rich in 15 key minerals essential for skin’s continued health. The perfect cocktail for hydrated, fresh and strengthened skin, day after day!

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