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Video: Discover how Vichy Mineralizing Water has been preserved since 1931

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Vichy lies in the center of France in the volcanic region of Auvergne, a land rich in natural resources.

Video: Discover how Vichy Mineralizing Water has been preserved since 1931

This is the starting point for its Mineralizing Water, crammed with minerals and incredibly pure. From its source to your skin cream, how does it retain its precious properties?

1 - Water extracted in protected conditions

Flowing freely up from 4000 meters below ground, the spring gushes with a rate of 7 liters per minute. Vichy harvests this water with all its benefits intact at a depth of 15 meters, since this meticulous task protects its 15 minerals!

The first security checks on the water are performed instantly at its extraction from the source. An analysis is then performed not only on different bacteriological criteria, but also on the physiochemical properties of the water.
Next, Vichy Mineralizing Water undergoes a first filtration to remove impurities. It is then transported in stainless steel containers to the Vichy production site, located just 4 km from the source.

2 - A constant search for purity

Upon arrival, the sealed containers are opened and the water is sampled. It is then examined a second time to guarantee optimal safety for the epidermis.
During this second step, each sample is analyzed on 5 key factors: the appearance, scent, clarity, pH value and conductivity. This last criterion is for measuring the mineral concentration of Vichy Mineralizing Water.

3 - Mineral properties and safe skincare

To guarantee its traceability, a sample is taken from each container and then stored for a maximum of 4 years.
The purpose of all these measures is to preserve the exceptionally high mineral content in the Mineralizing Water, which is at the heart of all Vichy’s products. A natural source of skin health, Vichy Mineralizing Water strengthens, resulting in skin that is fortified against harmful elements.

Vichy Mineralizing Water : Collected and Preserved from the source since 1931

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