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Summer skincare checklist: adapting your beauty regimen for summer

Summer skincare checklist: adapting your beauty regimen for summer
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Whether you’re staying in the city or heading off on holiday this summer, don’t forget these skincare essentials! Take a look as we break down the perfect summer beauty checklist, for beautiful skin all summer long.

Hydrating facial mist

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time out on a café terrace this summer, a refreshing facial mist is essential to help strengthen skin’s defenses against causes of oxidative stress, such as pollution and UV rays. Small enough to slip in your handbag, Vichy’s Mineralizing Thermal Water not only tops up skin’s moisture levels, reinforcing the epidermis’ barrier functions, but replenishes mineral levels for stronger skin. Simply mist across your face and décolleté as soon as your complexion begins to feel dehydrated.

Medicine kit

Looking after your skin in summer doesn’t just begin and end with skincare! Make sure you’re stocked up on essentials, such as Band-Aids, mosquito repellent, and antiseptic cream, for those days when sunburn isn’t the only thing your complexion has to deal with. If you’re heading off to warmer climes, don’t forget to slip some eye drops into your suitcase to help with allergies, particularly if your vacation includes little ones.


For those days when you’ve soaked up a little too much sun! After-sun should be a staple in your bathroom cabinet not just because of the soothing sensation it provides, but also because of its rehydrating properties, which ultimately help skin to repair damage caused by overexposure to sun.[1] If your skin is feeling dry but doesn’t show any signs of redness, your usual body lotion should do the trick.

[1] Multiphoton clinical trial. L Aguilar et al. Report ongoing . Publication planned May 2016

Makeup that’s kind to skin

It’s essential to let skin breathe if you’re looking for that healthy summer glow, so try not to go all-out with your makeup routine when it’s warm out. Switch up your usual foundation and/or concealer for mineral-based makeup that will soak up excess oil, or try a BB cream enriched with SPF if you’re looking for lighter coverage. Finally, when it comes to seasonally appropriate eye makeup, we have two words for you: waterproof mascara.

SPF for face & body

The last thing you pack in your suitcase or handbag should be the first thing you get out: sun protection! The fairer your skin, the higher your protection needs to be. When it comes to the rest of your body, around 30ml of product (a golf ball-sized amount) should be sufficient to ensure your skin is properly protected. Finally, it’s important to remember that skin tends to produce more sebum, and facial skin is delicate. For this reason, it’s important to properly cleanse skin after a day in the sun, as well as choosing a facial SPF that at least matches the rest of your sun protection.

Our iconic products

  • Mineralizing Thermal Water
  • BB Tinted Dry Touch Face Fluid SPF 50
  • After Sun Milk
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