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Skincare secrets: the hidden power of minerals

Whether you’re in your teens, twenties, thirties or beyond, minerals play a key role in shaping your skin’s future.

Read on for the lowdown on why these important elements are essential when it comes to keeping our bodies in optimum condition.

How do minerals benefit the skin?

Making up an impressive 4% of our body mass, minerals are essential for optimal growth and human development. What’s more, the body’s mineral levels are important for healthy skin, helping to keep the skin’s pH levels balanced - which helps prevent numerous skin conditions - as well as playing a key role in cell structure.  For example, elements such as lithium and strontium can help reduce problems linked to redness, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. Boron and calcium work hand-in-hand to heal and protect skin, while magnesium and silicon promote healthy cell repair. However, the body cannot synthesize certain minerals on its own, meaning it’s up to us to provide it with the right amount of nutrients. We can achieve this through a mixture of diet, supplements and, in some cases, topical skincare.

Compensating for mineral loss on the skin

When it comes to preserving skin’s youthful appearance, prevention is better than cure. Topical application of certain vitamins and minerals is crucial, as the body cannot synthesize a number of key nutrients. It’s thus important to establish a comprehensive skincare routine that helps keep skin mineral levels balanced, so that cells can enjoy all the benefits of these essential nutrients
. As we age, our bodies are more likely to encounter stress, as well as experience cumulative damage caused by pollution and UV rays. Vichy Mineralizing Water strengthens skin by promoting catalase production, which helps fight off the aging effects of oxidization caused by daily life’s external aggressions – particularly important for those of us living areas known for their high levels of pollution or exposure to sunlight.

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