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Kid-friendly sunscreen tips for parents

About to hit the beach with little ones in tow? Don’t forget to bring the right suncare for active children! Take a look at our top tips for guaranteed sun protection that lasts all day.

Kid-friendly sunscreen tips for parents

Why is it so important to protect younger skin on holiday?

When on holiday with the whole family, it’s important to use suncare that’s formulated to take younger, more delicate skin into account. Children’s skin is far more likely to suffer UV-related damage as a result of overexposure.[1] Babies’ - and, to a lesser extent, toddlers’ - sweat glands are also less fully developed, meaning they’re less able to regulate their body temperature. What’s more, most UV-related damage take place in childhood and adolescence. With 87% of children[2] spending a minimum of three hours a day outside during the summer vacation, it’s crucial to make sure that UV damage is kept to a minimum during these formative years.

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Looking after children’s skin on the beach

Sun, sea and sand… the perfect recipe for sticky skin! Fortunately, Vichy’s Anti-Sand Mist for children features anti-sand technology specifically designed for busy parents - and busier kids. Sand can remove part of your sun protection, but Vichy’s Anti-Sand Mist is quickly absorbed by skin, leaving more time for fun and games without worrying about constant reapplication.

If you plan on spending a lot of time by the pool, it’s important to remember that water babies need particular care during warmer summer months. Whether we’re talking ponds, swimming pools or wading pools, water can reflect up to 60% of the sun’s rays, with 10% of UVA rays penetrating up to 20m underwater. It’s also important to take care of your skin when you’re out of the water, as sand can still reflect up to 40% of UV rays even in the shade.[1] Vichy’s sun protection for children is water resistant, leaving a hydrating sensation.

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