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How to care for acne-prone skin when the heat is on

Is your skin prone to imperfections, particularly in the summertime? Read on for our top tips on looking after acne-prone skin when the temperature starts to rise.

How to care for acne-prone skin when the heat is on

Hitting the beach: skincare tips for imperfection-prone skin on holiday

For most of us, summertime is synonymous with sun, sea and sand. However, those of us with blemish-prone skin need to take extra care during the warmer months, particularly when going to the beach . Acne-prone skin needs to be properly protected when the sun is at its height, as the sun tends to act as a false friend to acne sufferers: in fact, even a 1°C increase in temperature increases sebum production by up to 10%[1]. What’s more, certain prescribed acne medication can increase skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, potentially increasing UV damage. Finally, effectively protecting your skin when on holiday is crucial to avoid scarring and hyperpigmentation linked to sunburn, so don’t skimp on the SPF. A gel- or water-based formula is ideal for oily skin.

[1] Cunliffe, W. J., Burton, J. L., & SHUSTER, S. (1970). The effect of local temperature variations on the sebum excretion rate. British Journal of Dermatology, 83(6), 650-654.

Vichy’s Mattifying Corrective Care Sun Protection: ideal for acne-prone skin

When it comes to protecting acne-prone skin, it’s important to pay attention to your suncare’s ingredients. To reduce blemishes linked to UV exposure, Vichy’s Mattifying Corrective Care Sun Protection with SPF 30 contains salicylic acid, known for helping improve the appearance of blackheads. When tested under clinical conditions, over 81% of participants found that their skin was less oily four weeks after the first application, while 75% thought their skin appeared more radiant.[1]
If excess oil or shine, rather than imperfections, tends to be your main summer skin concern, try giving your pores a deep clean with Vichy’s Pore Purifying Mask, which is enriched with two types of naturally occurring clay to help mattify skin prone to greasiness.

Voilà - now you can enjoy your beach holiday without worrying about the effects on your skin!

[1] Vichy Idéal Soleil Anti-Blemishes, clinical evaluation over 28 days on 54 subjects

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