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Have you been washing your thinning hair wrong?

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Hands up if you struggle to give your thinning hair an appearance of thickness- no matter what products or techniques you use in the shower! Read on for our top tips on washing fine or thinning hair for maximum thickness and body.

Have you been washing your thinning hair wrong?

It’s fair to say that when trying to boost the appearance of thinning hair, most of us spend what feels like hours in front of the bathroom mirror. Choosing the right ingredients for boosting your hair mass is important, but your hair-washing routine also has a role to play in promoting the appearance of thickness and volume. Below, we take a look at some of the biggest no-nos for washing fine hair.


Have you been washing your thinning hair wrong?


When it comes to washing fine hair, go for quality, not quantity!

Washing your hair with products specially formulated for fine hair (and taking care to properly rinse) is more important than swearing by your daily wash.
Pay special attention to the scalp and resist the temptation to overload with shampoo: one rinse is more than enough for thinning hair.
For maximum natural volume, wash every 2-3 days and allow hair to dry naturally.

Failing to rinse properly

Just like with overwashing, failing to properly rinse out your hair post-shampoo/conditioner can have undesirable consequences for fine hair. Not only can residue build up at the base of the roots, hair can overcompensate for excessive washing by producing even more natural oil - hardly ideal if you already suffer from oily hair. If you’re using a standard conditioner (as opposed to a hair mask or treatment), leaving it for a minute or so before rinsing should do the trick. Don’t forget to comb hair while still damp to remove any excess water.

Overloading with product

It might seem tempting to try and compensate for your mane’s lack of volume by layering on styling products, such as mousse, hairspray or styling creams, when attempting to style or blow-dry your hair. However, overloading with this kind of product can leave hair suffering from greasy build-up - not great for boosting volume at the roots. Opt for products that are light or fluid in texture, rather than heavy masks or styling creams, which can weigh down hair.

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