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Facial massage: boost your skin's glow with this easy routine

Looking to give your complexion that well-rested glow? Vichy’s expert facial massage tips are quick, simple and easy to add to your morning routine. All you need are ten clean fingers and a squeeze of Minéral 89!

Step 1: Activate

Start by applying two pumps of Vichy Minéral 89 onto the tips of your (clean) fingers. Gently tap across your face using a back-and-forth motion. This will activate the skin’s microcirculation, boosting blood flow while evenly distributing the product’s texture all over the face. Next, smooth out any excess product by massaging in the direction of the temples and jawline, moving your fingers upwards and outwards in a sweeping motion.

Step 2: Replump

The next step? Plumping up skin to prepare it for a busy day. Start by opening up your features with the ‘Big 8’ movement. With your left hand on the left side of your face and your right hand on your right, trace a large half-circle from the tip of your chin up to your forehead, working with firm strokes. Use the same technique for your eye contour, pressing a little more lightly this time: resting both your thumbs on the top of your cheekbones, trace a wide circle around the hollow of your eyes with your index fingers. Work from the inner corner of the eye (where the tear duct is located) across the eyebrow, rounding the temple before gently massaging the under-eye area.

Step 3: Relax

Finish with the ‘Big 9’: positioning your thumb and index finger as shown in the tutorial, as though cupping the outer contours of your face, gently trace a figure 9 up and out from the eyes around to the temples, pressing firmly to finish behind the cheekbones. Result: your skin should feel refreshed, revived and ready to face the day ahead!

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