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Becoming a parent: what nobody tells you!

New parenthood is an amazing event with countless joys in its wake. But during the first few months it may change some of your routines.

Becoming a parent: what nobody tells you!

Embrace the unknown

Parenting books may help with a few things, but there are chances that not everything will be covered! Prepare to be quick on your feet and ready to handle the unexpected. All children are different and have to be handled in the best way to fit their unique personalities.

Short nights

Your infant’s need for
round-the-clock feeding might disturb your adult sleep patterns. 

Check out expert advice to help baby's sleep, like one example is mild massage of baby before a sleep but don’t forget to neglect your own. Your family needs you so don’t hesitate to make shifts with your husband or profit from small power naps through your day while he is watching your baby!

Skin problems

The International Dermal Institute
states that 10 -15% of pregnant women develop melasma: darker pigmentation patches on the face. These fade after the birth, but you may battle other skin problems such as stretch marks on your body, acne breakouts, spider veins, dryness and increased sensitivity as hormone levels adjust. Happily, these conditions don’t normally last more than a few months. Avoid the sun, use a high SPF, and body care products to battle stretch marks.


Known as post-partum hair loss, this is extremely common between the third and sixth months after giving birth. If you find clumps of hair in your shower or hairbrush, don’t panic. This is only temporary, due to the massive drop of estrogen in your body. Breast-feeding doesn’t cause hair loss; so weaning your baby won’t help.

Gentle, pharmacy care products and adjusting your hairstyle are good strategies. The problem is more obvious for long hair, so changing a hair style will fresh up your look as a young mom but will also help to battle numerous hairs that is all over your house.

It’s worth the trauma

Whatever happens, being a parent is the most thrilling moment and all little surprises along the way make each moment with your child more memorable than the other. Take a nap, turn on some music, embrace the chaos and do the best you can. We laugh more with our kids than at any other time!

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