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All you need for a dewy glow 24/24

Spring is here: it's time to revive your skin and give it the maximum radiance

All you need for a dewy glow 24/24

Radiance: the new skin priority

81% of women not only want to resolve any pigmentation disorders they may have (such as brown spots), but also to achieve soft and fresh skin instantly. Pollution, stress and seasonal change... 24 out of 24 hours the skin is faced with these skin influencers that damage it’s beauty and youth.

Signs of fatigue, loss of radiance, brown spots... To discover perfect skin, some women have adopted light foundations to camouflage imperfections; others invest significant resources in fiber masks... These actions often give disappointing results. And your skin can become duller, even more sensitive.

Is there a real solution to achieve fresh and glowing skin?

UV rays accelerate pigmentation disorder in your skin. L’Oréal Research has demonstrated UV can have negative impact on the melanine production on the three skin layers.

To achieve a clear and radiant complexion, the skin needs to be protected, soothed and fortified throughout the day and night. This is when the skin regenerates itself to rebuild its defense system against the eenvironment.

Editor’s recommendation: Adopting a night cream with Vitamin E helps to establish strong “skin barriers” against pollutions.

A 24/24 radiance regime

For beautiful, bright and fresh skin, it is vital to adopt a holistic skincare regime. That is, one day regime and one at night in order to hydrate our skin deeply around the clock.

In the morning, after having cleansed the face with a cleansing foam, follow up with the duo serum and emulsion in order to protect your skin against urban pollutions.

The evening is prime time for the correction of defects and to regenerate the skin’s vitality. Specific, dedicated care : a night cream that provides active extracts to reveal the radiance of Asian women, such as : antioxidant Vitamin E, phe-resorcinol, niacinamide, LHA, Aquakeep, Aquabioryl and glycerin. A active blend that you can find in Ideal White Night Concentrate.

To discover a fresh and naturally glowing face, you may apply it in 2 ways:
- As a classical night cream: apply a thin layer on the skin each evening, and massage until completely absorbed
- As a night mask 1 or 2 times per week: apply a thick layer and massage until absorbed. Do not remove the excess, and your skin will benefit during your sleep.

Effectiveness proven in tests:
- 83% of Asian women testified a reduction in dark spots after 8 weeks of application,
- 80% of Asian women found their skin visibly hydrated, from the morning after their first use onwards.

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