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Achieving full coverage with powder foundation is now possible!

If you’re looking for a foundation that offers full-face coverage, the new generation of powder formulas are here! Discover Dermablend Covermatte, the first full-coverage powder foundation for oily skin.

Achieving full coverage with powder foundation is now possible!

Oily skin: the battle for long-wearing high coverage

Oily and combination skin tends to struggle when it comes to finding a foundation with staying power, with increased sebum production sometimes leading to makeup sliding off skin.

Result? Formulas that prioritize a natural finish tend not to stick around long enough on oily skin, while full-coverage or long-wear products can often result in the dreaded ‘mask effect’.

Many women with oily skin also suffer from breakouts, meaning it’s important to find a non-comedogenic formulation that doesn’t budge. So, what’s the best way to achieve long-lasting coverage that’s kind to skin while combating excess oil?

Vichy Dermablend Covermatte: the first full-coverage compact for oily skin

Although powder formulas are great for dealing with excess oil, previously, only long-wear liquid formulas tended to offer the coverage necessary to disguise redness, blemishes and other imperfections.

perlite is proven to be
2 timesmore absorbent than talc

Vichy Dermablend Covermatte is Vichy’s first powder foundation that offers 12-hour wear, promising full coverage that doesn’t budge. 

What’s more, Covermatte’s innovative formula features perlite, proven to be up to twice as absorbent as talc, to absorb excess sebum, while salicylic acid treats spots while disguising imperfections and redness. All this in a handy compact that’s perfectly adapted for for touchups on the go!

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