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3 tips to wake up your skin's luminosity in winter

The arrival of winter can also mean the onset of dull, tired-looking skin. Get through the holiday season with the help of face masks that have been specifically formulated to brighten even the most lacklustre complexions.

3 tips to wake up your skin's luminosity in winter

Avoid over-exfoliation in winter when the skin is dry

The fading light can make it hard to motivate ourselves to leave the house once the sun goes down, especially when our skin lacks brightness. It’s not necessary to exfoliate everyday, which can actually damage your skin. Play it safe and light up your complexion by treating yourself to the Double Glow Peel Mask, which targets uneven skin tone, rough textures and dead skin cells. A right concentration of AHA acids makes our mask so gentle even women with sensitive skin can use it. Best of all? You only need 5 minutes per week!

Hydrate day & night

Bye-bye balmy days, hello to the biting cold and miserable rain of winter (and even the pollution peak in certain cities). Not only does the dropping temperature cause havoc to your skin, but the weather that goes with it can make things worse! Rain, low temperature and strong wind can all dry out and damage our skin, making it more sensitive and reactive. To soothe your parched skin, apply the Quenching Mask for 5 minutes.  The Quenching Mineral Mask is designed to hydrate your skin to immediately provide you with a burst of self-confidence, lifting your spirits and revitalizing your mind. On that note, let the mask’s fruity scent take you back to this summer’s tropical vacation!   For the night, opt for a sleeping mask option, like Aqualia Night Spa, to hydrate your skin and restore its barrier function. You’ll wake up glowing!

Winter: a season to focus on yourself

Listen to your body, if you feel exhausted and low, give yourself a break. A few hours of me-time can be invaluable. Take the time to apply a face mask, paint your nails, exfoliate, and read a good book in the bath while you forget about the weather outside and just focus on yourself. Purify the outside while you purify the inside: apply the Pure Purifying Mask for 5 minutes, just the right amount of time to prepare an energizing smoothie: Don't forget to pay attention to what you put in your body. Not getting the right vitamins and nutrients can quickly leave you fatigued. Homemade smoothies are a great way to pack in as much fruit (or vegetables) as you can. Try mixing apple, banana and orange juice for a vitamin-packed drink, or whip up a strawberry and yogurt smoothie for breakfast.

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