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3 tips to boost your self-confidence

There are certain moments in life when we need an extra boost, whether to handle an emotional hurdle or breeze through a big event. If you need a little inspiration, here are our top tips for an instant dose of confidence - and remember, you got this!

3 tips to boost your self-confidence

Be your own cheerleader

Ever heard of the facial feedback theory? Put simply, this hypothesis suggests that your facial expression can directly affect your emotional experience. Try it out for yourself first thing in the morning, and start your day by smiling at yourself. It might sound cheesy, but keep the positivity going by telling yourself how great you are, or how well you're going to deal with a specific challenge. "Your work presentation is going to be amazing”, "You are a strong, confident woman", “You’ll have a great time tonight”... Trust us, faking it ‘till you make it is the way to go.

If you have a little more time, take a few minutes and write down all your achievements or things that you’re grateful for on a piece of paper. Spending your time thinking about your successes, instead of trying to bring yourself down, will subconsciously lift your spirits and leave you feeling a little prouder of yourself than before. It might take time, but training your mind to think about yourself more positively is a shortcut to a long-term confidence boost. Healthy habits start here!

Feel good

Whether it be reading, cooking, or martial arts, if there's a hobby you really love and are good at, make an effort to do it at least once a week. Feeling like you're a success in one area - even something niche - will slowly begin to influence other aspects of your life.

Sport is also a great way to stay healthy. It might not feel like it when you’re in the middle of a five-mile run, but our bodies release endorphins when we exercise - the chemicals that makes us feel positive. Even spending a few minutes a day walking or jogging outside will get you on your way to your daily dose of Vitamin D - not to mention that small sense of accomplishment.

Act the part

Pretending you are confident is a good way to trick yourself into actually feeling more self-assured! Check that your posture is upright, your facial muscles are relaxed and - most importantly - you don't avoid eye contact.

When it comes to an important event where you have to appear confident, planning ahead can help calm nerves. Several days beforehand, walk yourself mentally around the event and practice your body language. The big day will have a sense of familiarity to it that will help calm those nerves - and remember – when in doubt, just walk into the place as if you own it.

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