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Our best treatment for lifting effect and biological action combats deep wrinkles and loss of firmness.

Change visible within 4 days*. Suitable even for sensitive skin. (*Self-evaluation by 129 women)

FUEL YOUR SKIN WITH THE POWER TO FIGHT AGEING: Wrinkles – Sagginess – Pigmentation


Vichy Mag

  • Drink it, pop it, smooth it. Discover the various forms of collagen.

    Marine collagen powder, collagen dermal filler, collagen beauty shot…in 2018, there are more options than ever of how to replenish the 1% collagen skin loses every year as it ages. There’s a sea of collagen waters, powders, pills and clinical injectables from different sources – from marine to bovine - to navigate.

    Let’s break down the different options for the most vital skin protein of all.

  • What are the common causes of wrinkles and how can you prevent them?

    Too young for fine lines and wrinkles? Your lifestyle may be to blame. Sleep deprivation, stress and smoking are major factors that contribute to signs of aging skin. We explore this relationship and how you can protect your skin from premature aging.

  • How vitamin C can help tired skin

    Skincare experts and beauty bloggers the world over can’t stop talking about the skincare benefits of vitamin C. Read on to find out what this on-trend ingredient can really do for your skin!

  • How are Vichy’s products tested?

    Vichy Scientific Communications Officer Laurie Jacquet explains Vichy’s rigorous selection process when it comes to formulating, testing and packaging their products.