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In this section, you will find our beauty experts’ answers to your questions. What is the best active anti-ageing ingredient? How can you reduce the appearance of wrinkles? How can you protect your skin from UV rays or pollution? What sun screen should you choose? What body products should you use daily for soft skin?

A wealth of beauty expertise to guarantee beautiful skin every day.

    Face Care

    what causes chapped lips?

    Winter cold or summer heat, we’ve all suffered from dry, chapped lips. We take a closer look at what causes this irritating condition, as well as some tips for fighting the flake.

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    Hair Care

    Haircare FAQ: What is hair mass?

    Noticed your ponytail becoming thinner lately? As part of our series on hair loss and hair thinning, Vichy explains all about hair mass, as well as how Dercos Densi Solutions works to thicken and strengthen hair.

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    Face Care

    Why do you need a face moisturizer?

    Why choose a specific face moisturizer? It probably sounds like the most basic of beauty questions, but since age, skin type and even the time of year can all significantly affect your complexion, it’s worth looking into. We explain why it’s so important to choose the right facial moisturizer for your skin’s needs.

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    What are the best products for dry skin?

    Suffering from dry skin? These moisturizing ingredients could be the solution for a healthy, hydrated complexion! We look at the best skincare products for symptoms of dry skin, including dullness, flakiness and tightness.

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    Sun Care

    Happy Families: 4 types of skin protection

    Not everybody has the same requirements from their sun protection! Whether you want to tan, jump in the sea or maintain a flawless, protected complexion, there's a happy suncare family for you. Find your Ideal solution with our suncare protection beauty guide.

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    Face Care

    5 tips for glowing skin.

    Harmful skin influencers stress the epidermis with constant exposure to free radicals.
    Adopt an effective holistic strategy to help your skin recover its radiance.

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